27 October 2020
Healthy Kitchens by Farmers

School Labs as facilitating hubs Healthy Kitchens by Farmers

The secondary schools in the villages could be used as hubs for smart technologies. The children should be trained on certain basic equipment assembling and maintenance as part of education. The science teacher supported by a full-time technician should manage the systems established. Each hub in a village should be networked with a regional hub for services beyond the capacity of the village level hubs. The local school children and teachers could be trained in flying the drones for identification of the areas affected by various pests. The farmers could plan the harvesting and other management practices based on the observations made from the images obtained from the drone. Solar powered 360 degrees cameras fitted to the Balloon kites (Kytoon / Helikite), and zooming are ideal for continuous monitoring of the resources. At least 4 or 5 such balloon kites could be deployed in a village to cover an extent about 500 to 1000 acres. In ClimaAdapt project the author designed and implemented a program with the government school children. Close to the schools, paddy fields were selected.

Healthy Kitchens by Farmers

Rather selling the raw produce to the markets, the famers could initiate the process of value addition and even sell the cooked food or precooked food, which can be directly consumed by the people. This process will generate them additional income ten times the normal. Additional employment is also created in the villages. The farmer who can produce food, can also make the food which can be consumed. Food is the basic need.

Institutional support

Enabling the communities to do business online for their produce. The packaging and disposal networks established. Selling the produce in the field that is in advance and selling to the client directly through a chain of supply networks. Access to the formal financial institutions for loans to the farmers. Through online transactions and banking facilities created through smart mobile phone applications their time spent in the banks should be reduced. Timely allocation of funds to the farmers should be of top priority. The government should provide monthly salary (fixed amount) to all the people who are dependent on agriculture for at least 100 days in a month. The GPS enabled biometrics and monitoring using Kytoons / baloon fitted with cameras could be used for ascertaining the participation of the people in the farm activities.

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