24 October 2020
What is DNA finger printing

What is DNA finger printing

DNA finger printing of seeds and plant species, so that farmers are not duped by the spurious seeds and plant species. Information, Knowledge, Skills and ICTs: Digital education to the farmers and other professional communities in the villages is necessary. Learning is a continuous process. The digital content developed in the local language and dialect facilitates many to learn and get updated with the technologies and practices. With access to increased internet bandwidth, the content is cheaper and easily accessible. The children and youth in the villages could enroll into the e-learning courses for education. Audio and video content: Audio recordings of the farmers conversation with the experts or successful farmers should be recorded and made available for the benefit of other farmers. The online radio is a good option. Similarly online videos would bring more clarity and understanding on the relevant subjects and issues.

Rural services MGNREGA in India

In the rural areas the employment is seasonal. The demand for work is variable. An e-portal for jobs and other Human Resource services should be created. The timely management practices especially in agriculture prevents losses. Some of the services such as skilled, semi-skilled, artisans, ploughing, cutting, trashing, etc. could be announced through the web portals. An application could be created to assess each individuals number of days of employment. The employment guarantee programs should be promoted such as MGNREGA in India.

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