23 October 2020
What You Need

What is Scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking is a popular way to collect and preserve our family history and other memories. Scrapbooks are records of people and events but they include relevant mementos to enhance and give background to the pictures and words. Scrapbooks may focus a family’s history, a person’s life or a special event (such as a journey or a wedding), hobby, pets or other personal interest. Scrapbooks become family treasures to be shared with relatives and heirlooms which are handed down through generations. Scrapbooks grew in popularity from the time when it became possible to make multiple copies of photographs and more advanced but cheaper and easier to use cameras were developed. Computers are becoming more popular with scrapbookers (often called ‘scrappers’) for preparing and organizing their projects. One drawback has been that the papers and inks used with computers did not have the durability of the archive grade paper used for traditional scrapbooking. Some printer companies, such as Epson, have enthusiastically supported scrapbookers. They produce kits of acid-free, lignin-free matte and semigloss papers and low-cost Guides to help scrapbookers use their products.

Is Digital Scrapbooking Better?

Digital scrapbooking is a different way to produce parts of your scrapbook projects more quickly and often more cheaply. You can even use your computer to produce complete projects. It hasn’t replaced traditional methods but it is a valuable addition to any scrapper’s tool chest. Our computers also make it possible for people like myself, with limited artistic ability and limited time, to produce scrapbooks which are much better than we ever could do without them! Even people that are very good with the traditional methods can use their computer to organize their raw materials, enhance their projects, and save time and money. Your computer will not remove your personality from a project. It gives you more options for expressing yourself and presenting the information. Let’s get started.

What You Need

You need very little that you probably haven’t already got, to get started with your first digital scrapbooking project. You need: A computer with an Internet connection. The computer which you used to buy this ebook probably has all the power you need to organize and create your projects. A camera for taking photos which you will use in projects. If you have a digital camera, you can easily transfer your new digital pictures into your computer with the cable and program which came with your camera.

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